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Workshop on Networks and Social Norms

Program (as of Aug. 28)


Monday, August 31

09.00 Welcome

09.00 Larry Blume (Cornell, IHS, Stoney Brook), Are we there yet? Optimally approaching the turnpike

10.00 Sanjeev Goyal (Cambridge), Networks, markets and inequality (with Julien Gagnon)

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Mariya Teteryatnikova (Vienna), Cautious farsighted stability in network formation games with streams of payoffs

14.30 Markus Mobius (Microsoft) , Treasure Hunt - Social Learning in the Fields (with Adam Szeidl and Tuan Phan)

15.30 Tea

16.00 Luca Merlino (Brussels), Public goods in endogenous networks (with Markus Kinateder)


Tuesday, September 1

09.00 Yves Zenou (Stockholm), Price Competition in Product Variety Networks (with Philipp Ushchev)

10.00 Dylan Walker (Boston), Identifying Social Influence through Randomized Experiments

11.00 Coffee

11.30 James Tremewan (Vienna), Stability in Network Formation Games with Streams of Payoffs: An Experimental Study (with Mariya Teteryatnikova)

12.30 Lunch

14.30 Antonio Cabrales (UCL), Which club should I attend, Dad? Targeted socialization and production (with Facundo Albornoz and Esther Hauk)

15.30 Tea

16.00 Simon Weidenholzer (Essex), Collective Punishment and Commitment in Public Goods Games with Imperfect Monitoring

17.00 Ben Golub (Harvard), Consensus Expectations and Conventions




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